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Episode Three depicts the top part of the hotel where the divine and the mortal realm meet. The hotel becomes a place of inception, for procreation of new thoughts and new beings. It evokes the mythical dreams of the annunciation of the angel to the blessed virgin, God revealing himself to Moses at the top of the mountain in a form of a burning bush, and Prometheus bringing fire to humanity.


In the summer of 2022 a production of Prometheus by Robert Wilson has been set to be played at the MTC Theatre. The members of the whole production has nestled themselves into The Beacon throughout the  duration of the play. Eli, who landed the lead role has been placed at Room 606. Gideon, Robert Wilson’s nephew would often visit Room 606 to see and hang out with the actor that he adored a lot, Eli.

room 606

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Gideon and Eli began to form a deeper understanding of each other and eventually became romantic partners. Robert eventually knew about this affair after going into ELi’s room unannounced and finding Gideon there sharing a bath with him. Aware of the fleeting life of theatre productions and the past shortlived affiliations of Eli with other members of the production he forbid the two star-crossed lovers from seeing each other again.

Gideon, with a very deep fondness of Eli, would secretly go out at night and hike through the interconnected balconies of the hotel in order for him to meet Eli.


He would meet Eli at the loggia outside Eli’s room, away from the glance of the people at the hotel.


During one of the last nights of Eli and Gideon’s stay at the hotel, Eli invited Gideon at the bar at the top of the hotel. Gideon and his naive self thought Eli was going to propose to him not aware that that was the night Eli would reveal the trickster that he was. Eli revealed to Gideon that he was planning to leave Robert’s theatre company after “Prometheus” and he was going back to his hometown in Italy where his fiance is waiting for him for them to get married.


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